Creating Healthy Sleep Habits in Your Kids

A good night’s sleep is a cornerstone of good health. For kids, habits learned in childhood will impact their sleep for life. Set your kids up for successful sleep by establishing healthy habits that they can carry with them into adulthood. In addition to choosing the right beds and mattresses for your kids, these tips will also help.

Stick to a Schedule

A sleep schedule is an important part of helping your kids get the rest they need. Set a bedtime and wake-up time for your kids that you stick to every day of the week. This will help them fall asleep easier each night and wake up feeling rested. Resist the urge to change the schedule on the weekends or school vacations, which will interfere with your kids’ restfulness and can cause disordered sleep once you return to the schedule.

Embrace a Nighttime Routine

Teach your kids to get into the habit of a routine that helps them wind down before bed. Your kids may wish to lie in bed and read, listen to music quietly, or take a bath in this time. During the pre-bed ritual, ban your kids from watching TV, gaming, or using the computer, which will wake their minds up and make it more difficult to sleep.

Set the Stage

Kids’ bedrooms should be comfortable, relaxing environments. Choose supportive mattresses and cozy bedding, so that your kids look forward to getting into bed. Although sending kids to their rooms as punishment is common, it’s better to punish your kids in other ways, so that the bedroom is not associated with anything negative. This will prevent your kids from associating bed and sleep with being in trouble.

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