Understanding the Differences Between Popular Furniture Styles

It’s hard to keep up with the lingo sometimes, but it helps to know what you’re talking about when you look for new living room or bedroom furniture. Modern style is new, but it’s not the same as contemporary. Some people prefer more traditional looks, which use different design principles. Read ahead and understand the differences between popular furniture styles.

Living in the Modern World

Modern design means luxury, elegance, and automation. The color palette is simple and usually revolves around contrasting blacks and whites, but there’s often a range of neutrals as well. You may also find splashes of more vibrant colors mixed in with the largely neutral design. Colors are solid, lines are straight, and the design itself is relatively streamlined. This type of style is popular in luxurious, upper class homes, where you might find a straight black sofa or a sharp white recliner.

Defining Contemporary

Contemporary and modern are sometimes used interchangeably, but this isn’t quite correct. Contemporary means that something is happening at the same time as something else. While modern design happens to be in right now, making it somewhat contemporary, the two words are not synonymous. Contemporary furniture changes with the times and could include a range of different colors, textures, patterns, and materials. There is no singular definition of contemporary style, so run with this freedom and create your dream design.

Going with Tradition

Traditional living room or bedroom furniture involves complex patterns, curves, and shapes that you wouldn’t see in other kinds of designs. Brass or bronze bolts in your headboard would make for a traditional look, as would plaid and floral designs in your bedding. Traditional design tends to make people feel warm, welcome, and at home.

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