Comparing Box Springs, Foundations, and Platform Beds

A bed isn’t just a bed, it’s the place where we spend a third of our lives. The wrong kind of bed prevents you from getting the rest you need, which has real impacts on your health and the quality of your waking life. Always do your research and know what kind of bed you need for yourself and your partner. Read on and compare box springs, foundations, and platform beds.

Box Springs

The box that’s referred to in box springs is the wooden platform that your mattress rests on. The springs help absorb the weight that’s put on the mattress, as well as distribute it across the platform. The top part of the mattress has a skid-resistant fabric, while the bottom of the mattress incorporates a dust barrier to protect your indoor air quality and your respiratory system. Be careful when putting a latex mattress on a box spring, as the mattress could sag over time.


A foundation bed looks a lot like a box spring bed because it’s made of wood and has slats. This kind of bed focuses on supporting the mattress rather than absorbing and distributing shock and weight, so in this sense it’s much different than a box spring. This is because foam and memory foam mattresses, which are becoming increasingly popular, are in more need of support. A foundation bed is a good choice for a heavy mattress, especially if the mattress is flexible or made of latex.

Platform Beds

Many modern mattresses don’t use coils, so they need a firm horizontal surface for support. Platform beds meet the description, and they work particularly well with memory foam and latex mattresses. These beds are typically low to the ground and may come in a variety of different sizes and slat widths.

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