The Definitive Guide to Bed Styles

A bed is more than a place for you to fall asleep at night—it’s also an aesthetic component of your space. Your bed style should meet your needs in terms of cosmetic design in addition to being comfortable and providing you with the sleep you need. Read ahead and take a look at the definitive guide to bed styles.


Most beds use a headboard of some kind. This is the backing that sits between the head of the bed and the wall behind it. You can use a headboard with side rails, a footboard, or just a standard frame. You can also buy your headboard separately from the bed itself, which helps break down the financial burden. A headboard with a matching footboard is a common style for twin beds in children’s bedrooms, but remember that the taller side is the headboard. You can customize your headboard however you want, so it’s a versatile addition to your home décor.


If you want to visually mark off the edges of your bed but you don’t think a headboard and footboard combo makes sense in your design, then you might be interested in the 4-post look. This type of bed features a post at each corner of the mattress, and it provides a decorative element that lets it fit right in with more traditional or ornamental styles. Although you’ll often find these beds with a headboard behind them, footboards aren’t so common.

Bunk Beds

Sometimes, the right bed style can completely change the way you approach a room. If your children share a bedroom, make the most of your vertical space with bunk beds. Bunk beds come in different configurations, and they’ll free up plenty of space on the floor. Furthermore, they make going to bed fun for your kids.

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