Sleeping Well During Pregnancy

Sleep is always elusive when a new baby arrives, but for moms-to-be, sleep disturbances can start well before birth. However, sleep is an essential part of staying strong and healthy during your pregnancy, so how can you get the rest you need? Here’s how to make your bed work for you when you’re pregnant.

Consider Your Mattress

Now is not the time to make do with a mattress that no longer offers the proper support. If your mattress has seen better days, it could be time for an upgrade. Look for a mattress that will give you the support you need both during and after your pregnancy. A Tempur-Pedic mattress, for instance, will easily adjust to your changing body. A mattress with an adjustable base can also be helpful, especially later in your pregnancy, when the weight of your baby can put pressure on your lungs and bladder when you lie flat. This can also be a good time to switch to more supportive pillows or to simply add additional pillows so you can prop up your head to prevent heartburn.

Adjust Your Diet

Stomach upset and heartburn can be chronic during pregnancy, thanks to pressure from the baby and acid reflux, and these symptoms can keep you up at night. Although changing your sleeping position can help, consider making adjustments to your diet as well. Limit your caffeine intake, and avoid spicy foods. If you eat a bedtime snack, choose something with protein and healthy carbs. To avoid running to the bathroom throughout the night, cut off liquids for three hours before bedtime.

Create a Bedtime Routine

It may seem like your to-do list is never-ending, but take the time to go through a bedtime ritual each night so that you can fall asleep easier. Stop activities for a few hours before bed, turn off your electronics, and do something relaxing, like reading or taking a bath. Your body will be in rest mode by the time you get into bed, so you can fall asleep.

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