Could Your Mattress Be Too Soft?

The type of mattress you need depends on the type of sleeper you are. You might want to go as soft as you can after getting terrible sleep on a rigid mattress, but softer isn’t always better. You still need to support your body properly, and looking at firmness ratings and professional recommendations can help. If you’re wondering if your mattress is too soft, keep reading.

Level of Support

Sinking into a mattress at the end of a long day is a great feeling, but you might not be feeling as great when you wake up in the morning. You need a mattress that feels comfortable enough to lull you to sleep, but it should also support your body so you don’t wake up with aches and pains. If you feel like you haven’t been getting the support you need from your mattress, you might want to look at one that isn’t so soft. Find the right balance of comfort and support and treat your body right throughout the night.

Firmness Rating

A mattress’s firmness rating will tell you how firm or how soft it is. This can help direct you when you try out different options so you’re not guessing randomly when you head to the mattress store. Once you have an idea of what you like best, use this rating to find the right options.

Professional Recommendation

There’s nothing wrong with looking around online before you buy a mattress, and this research process may lead you to find the best choice for your body. However, it’s best to actually try out different types of mattresses rather than making your decision based on descriptions. No matter what you’re looking for, you should try out different mattress styles and levels of firmness and ask the pros for advice.

You can’t tell exactly how a mattress will feel from a picture, so you need to try out your options. Call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337, stop by our mattress store, or take a look at our Serta, Sealy, and iComfort mattresses on our website.

Deciphering Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Levels

No matter how great your bedroom furniture may look in your master bedroom, you should make sure it’s also comfortable. You’ll spend a great deal of time using your bed, so you want it to be as pleasant to sleep on as it is to look at.

The Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Scale ranks mattresses by their level of firmness. The firmest mattresses are at the bottom of the scale, while the softest are at the top. Firmer mattresses offer more support, but they don’t come with much cushioning. Mattresses that rank near the top of the scale are the softest, and they’re great for people who are looking for cushioning and comfort rather than firmness and rigidity. Near the middle of the Comfort Scale, you’ll find mattresses that compromise firmness and softness to both support the body and cushion it.

Use your new knowledge of the Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Scale to find the perfect mattress for your bedroom in San Francisco. Check out our website or call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337 if you’re in need of mattress covers, headboards, or footboards.

Simple Steps for Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

You want your guests to feel welcome when they come to stay with you, so you should set up your guest bedroom in a way that demonstrates it. Pick out bedroom furniture that will be comfortable for a wide range of sleeping styles, play with colors to create an inviting atmosphere, and leave your guests anything you think they might need. Let’s dissect these simple steps for creating a welcoming guest bedroom.

Choose the Right Furniture

Bedroom furniture is the most important part of the guest bedroom because it affects the aesthetics of the room as well as the comfort of your guests. If you have guests stay at your house frequently, it’s a good idea to choose a bed that is appealing to a broad range of people. Some people like firm, rigid beds that support their bodies, while others prefer soft beds that they can sink right into. Try to find a mattress that strikes a balance between the two so you can make your guests comfortable, no matter how they like to sleep.

Create a Comfortable Design

Mental comfort is just as important as physical comfort, which is where the cosmetic design of your guest room comes into play. Pitch black walls with little to no décor can create a dreary atmosphere that might not make your guests feel so welcome in your home. Extremely bright and vibrant colors like neon pink can be somewhat jarring, which could make it difficult for your guests to fall asleep. Try a relaxing color like a pale blue or a neutral tan. These colors will help create a more welcoming environment.

Provide Toiletries

If your guest bedroom has a bathroom attached, remember to stock up with toiletries. Be sure to leave your guests anything you think they might need during their stay so they don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking you for toilet paper, towels, or soap in the middle of the night.

With the right bedroom furniture in San Francisco, you can make your guests feel right at home. Call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337 or check out our website to see our collection of kids’ furniture.

Shopping with Sealy

Shopping for a new bed or mattress isn’t always easy, especially when there are so many options you can choose from. Sealy cuts out the confusion and simplifies the process so you can find the right product and get it to your house. Watch this video to find out how easy it is to shop with Sealy.

Thanks to the icons on each mattress, Sealy makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can tell if a mattress uses clean technology or has pressure-relieving foam just by looking at the symbols printed on the mattress itself. A snowflake icon indicates climate control technology, and you can tell the mattress has moisture-wicking fabric if there is a water droplet icon.

If you want to shop for Sealy, iComfort, or Serta mattresses in San Francisco, call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337. We will be happy to help you find the bed, sofa, or recliner you’re looking for.

Deciding Between a Leather or Fabric Sofa

A sofa might be the only thing missing from your living room or bedroom furniture, but what kind should you opt for? There are plenty of materials to choose from, so you’ll have to decide if you want a leather or fabric sofa. Be sure to think about aesthetics, the comfort the sofa provides, and how easy it will be to take care of the sofa throughout its life. Keep reading for help deciding between a leather or fabric sofa.

Aesthetic Appeal

Because leather and fabric sofas have such different looks to them, it’s difficult to say that one material is objectively more visually pleasing than the other. Rather than compare the two, think about what you’re looking for in your living room or bedroom furniture. Leather is a high-end kind of material, and it can add elegance to any space. This makes it a good choice for modern designs. Fabric, on the other hand, is much more versatile and comes in a wider array of patterns, styles, and colors.


Fabric tends to come out ahead of leather in the comfort category. After all, you won’t stick to a fabric sofa the way you might stick to a leather one during the summer. Fabric is also softer and warmer than leather in most cases, making fabric sofas more comfortable for many people.

Maintenance and Durability

You might assume that leather is difficult to care for, but it can actually be rather easy as long as you care for your sofa properly. If you keep food and drink—not to mention pets—off your leather sofa, you’ll only need to wipe it down occasionally to keep it looking attractive. The maintenance requirements of fabric vary as well, depending on the type of fabric you choose. Better quality fabrics hold up longer, but fabric in general tends to do a better job of holding up against pets and spills.

Are you still having trouble deciding what kind of sofa you’re looking for? Reach out to the Mancini’s Sleepworld team and let us help. You can also look through our website or call us at (800) 647-5337 if you have any questions about our living room or bedroom furniture in San Francisco.

What Exactly Is Egyptian Cotton?

Not all cotton is the same, and if you’re looking for luxury bedding from the mattress store, you should have some understanding of the different types that are available. Egyptian cotton has long been heralded as the best in the industry, but what is it? Keep reading and find out exactly what Egyptian cotton is.

Egyptian cotton comes from a different plant than regular cotton does, which is part of the reason it stands out. The cotton’s fibers are intact because the plants are handpicked, so you can make fine yarns that are still strong and durable yet soft and comfortable. Standard cotton has splices because of the way it’s grown and picked, so it’s not quite as soft or versatile. The fact that Egyptian cotton is handpicked makes it better able to stand up against stress and hold together over time.

It helps to visit a mattress store in San Francisco, so you can try out your options before you make a purchase. At Mancini’s Sleepworld, we specialize in sofas and couches, beds and bedding, and headboards and footboards. See our website or call us at (800) 647-5337 to find out how we can help.

Understanding the Differences Between Popular Furniture Styles

It’s hard to keep up with the lingo sometimes, but it helps to know what you’re talking about when you look for new living room or bedroom furniture. Modern style is new, but it’s not the same as contemporary. Some people prefer more traditional looks, which use different design principles. Read ahead and understand the differences between popular furniture styles.

Living in the Modern World

Modern design means luxury, elegance, and automation. The color palette is simple and usually revolves around contrasting blacks and whites, but there’s often a range of neutrals as well. You may also find splashes of more vibrant colors mixed in with the largely neutral design. Colors are solid, lines are straight, and the design itself is relatively streamlined. This type of style is popular in luxurious, upper class homes, where you might find a straight black sofa or a sharp white recliner.

Defining Contemporary

Contemporary and modern are sometimes used interchangeably, but this isn’t quite correct. Contemporary means that something is happening at the same time as something else. While modern design happens to be in right now, making it somewhat contemporary, the two words are not synonymous. Contemporary furniture changes with the times and could include a range of different colors, textures, patterns, and materials. There is no singular definition of contemporary style, so run with this freedom and create your dream design.

Going with Tradition

Traditional living room or bedroom furniture involves complex patterns, curves, and shapes that you wouldn’t see in other kinds of designs. Brass or bronze bolts in your headboard would make for a traditional look, as would plaid and floral designs in your bedding. Traditional design tends to make people feel warm, welcome, and at home.

If you’re not entirely sure what kind of bedroom furniture in San Francisco you’re looking for, stop by Mancini’s Sleepworld and look at what we have to offer. Whether you’re going for modern, traditional, or your own unique style, we’ve got the couches, beds, and mattress covers you need. Give us a call at (800) 647-5337 to learn more.

Dealing with a Saggy Mattress

When your mattress sags, your eyes probably will too. A saggy mattress can be a hassle, especially if you sleep next to someone else every night. Check out this video and find out how you can deal with a saggy mattress.

A saggy mattress is one that caves in towards the middle, which causes people to gravitate towards the sag, continuously making the problem worse. This is even more problematic for two people sharing the same bed, as they may roll towards each other and collide in the night. The Sealy Posturepedic mattress gives you the support where you need it, keeping you in place and giving you a great night of sleep.

Your saggy mattress in San Francisco can ruin your sleep and your energy the following day, so call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337. Our mattress store carries sofas, couches, and recliners from brands like Serta and iComfort.

Comparing Box Springs, Foundations, and Platform Beds

A bed isn’t just a bed, it’s the place where we spend a third of our lives. The wrong kind of bed prevents you from getting the rest you need, which has real impacts on your health and the quality of your waking life. Always do your research and know what kind of bed you need for yourself and your partner. Read on and compare box springs, foundations, and platform beds.

Box Springs

The box that’s referred to in box springs is the wooden platform that your mattress rests on. The springs help absorb the weight that’s put on the mattress, as well as distribute it across the platform. The top part of the mattress has a skid-resistant fabric, while the bottom of the mattress incorporates a dust barrier to protect your indoor air quality and your respiratory system. Be careful when putting a latex mattress on a box spring, as the mattress could sag over time.


A foundation bed looks a lot like a box spring bed because it’s made of wood and has slats. This kind of bed focuses on supporting the mattress rather than absorbing and distributing shock and weight, so in this sense it’s much different than a box spring. This is because foam and memory foam mattresses, which are becoming increasingly popular, are in more need of support. A foundation bed is a good choice for a heavy mattress, especially if the mattress is flexible or made of latex.

Platform Beds

Many modern mattresses don’t use coils, so they need a firm horizontal surface for support. Platform beds meet the description, and they work particularly well with memory foam and latex mattresses. These beds are typically low to the ground and may come in a variety of different sizes and slat widths.

No matter what kind of bedroom furniture in San Francisco you need, call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337. You can also check out our website or come into one of our showrooms and take a closer look at our Kluft, Sealy, and Serta products.

Introducing the Serta Sertapedic Madagan

If you’re ready for a new mattress and a better night of sleep, then the Serta Sertapedic Madagan should be on your radar. This collection from the renowned Serta brand offers incomparable quality at an affordable price that is sure to help you rest easy.

This mattress features Serta’s Cool Twist Gel Foam and 711 Individually Wrapped Coil System so that you stay comfortably cool in bed. It is adjustable-friendly and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Choose from a Euro-top, firm, and plush, so that you get the perfect support and comfort for your needs. The Serta Sertapedic Madagan is available in a range of sizes, from twin and twin XL up to Eastern King.

When you buy your mattress at Mancini’s Sleepworld, you’ll get our 120-day price match guarantee and our 120-day satisfaction guarantee, plus free delivery and set-up for mattresses over $299. For more information about our mattresses in San Francisco, please call us at (800) 647-5337.

Maximizing Space in a Shared Kids' Bedroom

Shared bedrooms can be fun for kids, but they also require you to be inventive about how to use the space. When you’re choosing bedroom furniture, it’s essential to pick pieces that will help you maximize the space you have as much as possible, so your kids don’t feel cramped. Here are some strategies you can use to make your kids’ bedroom functional and stylish at once.

Choose Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a no-brainer for a shared kids’ room. They allow you to make use of vertical space, so that you can free up additional floor space. Far from being a compromise your little ones will complain about, most kids are thrilled at the idea of sleeping in bunk beds. The biggest issue you may have is settling the argument over who gets the top bunk.

Use the Closet to Save Floor Space

Closets may start out with a fairly simple design, but you don’t have to settle for cramming two kids’ worth of clothing onto a single bar. Instead, tweak the closet to expand storage. You can accomplish this by adding hanging shelves, over-the-door shoe holders, and hooks that let you hang multiple items vertically. Once you’ve freed up that space, consider putting a dresser inside the closet for additional clothing storage without taking up usable space in the bedroom.

Give Everything a Place

Clutter is a surefire way to make a room feel small and overwhelming. Give your kids a space to put everything with vertical shelving, hanging shelves, and stacking bins. Don’t forget to purge your storage frequently to get rid toys that are gathering dust and clothing that doesn’t fit.

Are you ready to build a functional shared room for your kids that they will actually love? Start your search for beds and bedroom furniture at Mancini’s Sleepworld and find out why we’re simply the best place to buy a mattress—and everything else you need for your bedroom in San Francisco. Dial (800) 647-5337 to get directions to our store and to learn more about our huge selection.

Interpreting Bed Sheet Labels

No matter how comfortable your mattress is, your bed won’t truly be comfortable if you don’t have the right sheets. Watch this video to solve the mystery of bed sheet labels.

When you’re shopping for sheets, first consider the kind of weave the fabric has. Percale sheets have a plain weave and a matte finish, making them crisp and breathable. Sateen sheets have more intricate weaving for a silky finish. They are softer than percale sheets and less breathable, so they are a good choice if you get cold at night.

The perfect night’s sleep starts at Mancini’s Sleepworld, with our huge selection of quality mattresses, mattress covers, and much more. To discover the deals at our mattress store in San Francisco, call us today at (800) 647-5337.

How to Make Your New Bedroom Furniture Last a Lifetime

With proper care, your bedroom furniture can look great years into the future. Don’t let your investment go to waste. Follow this advice to keep your bedroom furniture in top condition, so you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

Stick to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

One of the best things you can do to increase the longevity of your bedroom furniture is to clean it regularly. Dust the surface of the furniture, being careful to move your cloth in the direction of the grains on wood furniture. Use furniture polishes with caution, as some can actually damage the protective finish of your furniture. Check your manufacturer’s guide or with your bedroom furniture retailer to find out what kind of cleaning products are recommended for your furniture.

Act Quickly to Treat Spills

Untreated spills can cause significant damage to your furniture, especially if you have wood furniture. When a spill occurs, clean it up promptly. Rather than wiping the spill, bloat it, so that you don’t further rub the substance into the furniture. Use a soft cloth when cleaning up spills, so that you don’t do any damage to the surface of the furniture. Try to avoid spills by not putting anything liquid on the surface of the furniture. If do put water glasses and other liquids on the furniture, then always use a coaster or other protective cloth.

Protect Your Furniture from Sunlight

Prolonged sun exposure can take a toll on your furniture and cause it to fade. If possible make sure that your furniture is not in direct sunlight. If your furniture is exposed to the sun, consider shades or window films to reduce exposure. Ideally, don’t place any furniture under a window, where temperature chances can also cause damage.

Your perfect bedroom furniture, at the perfect price, is waiting for you at Mancini’s Sleepworld in San Francisco. We offer furniture to suit all styles, as well as unbeatable prices on mattresses from brands such as Serta, Sealy, and iComfort. Contact us today at (800) 647-5337 to find out more.

Who Can Benefit from a Lift Chair?

It’s common for it to get harder to move around with ease as you get older, as your bones and muscles might not be as strong as they once were. Fortunately, the right kind of living room and bedroom furniture can make life a little easier. Keep reading and find out who can benefit from a lift chair.

Recliners and lift chairs go hand in hand. These pieces of furniture change their positions to make you optimally comfortable at all times. Lift chairs can be especially helpful for older people or those who have mobility issues. Even a bad back can get some reprieve from a lift chair. This kind of chair lifts up off of its base, so it can guide you into a standing position as well as allow you to recline and relax.

A lift chair can change your life, but you need to pick one up to reap the benefits, so contact Mancini’s Sleepworld or check out our website to look at your options. Call our offices at (800) 647-5337 for a full rundown of the headboards and bedroom furniture you can find at our mattress store in San Francisco.

The Definitive Guide to Bed Styles

A bed is more than a place for you to fall asleep at night—it’s also an aesthetic component of your space. Your bed style should meet your needs in terms of cosmetic design in addition to being comfortable and providing you with the sleep you need. Read ahead and take a look at the definitive guide to bed styles.


Most beds use a headboard of some kind. This is the backing that sits between the head of the bed and the wall behind it. You can use a headboard with side rails, a footboard, or just a standard frame. You can also buy your headboard separately from the bed itself, which helps break down the financial burden. A headboard with a matching footboard is a common style for twin beds in children’s bedrooms, but remember that the taller side is the headboard. You can customize your headboard however you want, so it’s a versatile addition to your home décor.


If you want to visually mark off the edges of your bed but you don’t think a headboard and footboard combo makes sense in your design, then you might be interested in the 4-post look. This type of bed features a post at each corner of the mattress, and it provides a decorative element that lets it fit right in with more traditional or ornamental styles. Although you’ll often find these beds with a headboard behind them, footboards aren’t so common.

Bunk Beds

Sometimes, the right bed style can completely change the way you approach a room. If your children share a bedroom, make the most of your vertical space with bunk beds. Bunk beds come in different configurations, and they’ll free up plenty of space on the floor. Furthermore, they make going to bed fun for your kids.

No matter what kind of bed in San Francisco you need, call the professionals at Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337 for help finding it. We also offer mattress covers, sofas, and bedding materials, and you can learn about our options by heading to our website.

Sealy Explains Pressure Points

Everyone has pressure points throughout their bodies, and you might notice yours when you lay down to go to bed. If you don’t have the right mattress, these areas may feel achy or uncomfortable. Watch this video where Sealy explains pressure points.

The way you sleep dictates which points of your body feel the most pressure, but your mattress can be a nice mediator. Sealy offers personalized comfort and relief thanks to specialty foams that adapt to each person’s body shape. A Sealy mattress will give you just the gentle support you need to protect your pressure points and give you a good night’s sleep.

A good mattress in San Francisco will treat your pressure points right, so call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337 to order yours. Sealy isn’t the only brand we offer, so check out our website and see how we can help.

Pillow Tips for All Sleep Positions

The way we care for our bodies, how we spend our time during the day, and the bedding we have to work with will all play a role in our ability to sleep soundly throughout the night. Factors like how many pillows you have, the way you orient yourself, and what type of pillow you use for your head can also have an impact. Here are some pillow tips for all sleep positions.

Number of Pillows

You might like sleeping with a bed full of pillows, just one lone pillow, or even no pillows at all. No matter what your favorite sleeping position is, you should consider the number of pillows you use. This is most important when it comes to your head. Your head needs the right support, or you’ll wake up with aches and pains that follow you around all day. You should really only use one pillow for your head in any position, so you can support your neck and spine without disrupting your sleep.

Body Positioning

While you only need one pillow for your head, you might use others to support the rest of your body. If you sleep on your stomach, a pillow under your abdomen can help your back. Those who sleep on their backs can do the same thing by putting a pillow under their knees. Side sleepers can align their spines by putting a pillow under the top armpit and one between the legs.

The Right Kind of Pillow

Pillows are more about quality than quantity. Don’t try to make up for a bad pillow by stacking more on top of it, and instead find one that can actually offer the support you need. A better pillow can stop your snoring and improve your sleep.

Using these pillow tips can improve your sleep, but you need the right bed in San Francisco to be sure you’re getting quality rest every night. At Mancini’s Sleepworld, you can find anything you need to improve your sleep, including adult and kids’ furniture. See our website for info or call us at (800) 647-5337 if you have any questions.

Bean Bags: Not Just for Kids

Kids’ bodies tend to be a bit more resilient than those of adults, and children also have an abundance of energy. Since they aren’t quite as picky about finding a comfortable seat, it makes sense for them to like bean bag chairs. What some adults don’t realize is that bean bags aren’t just for kids, so read ahead and consider visiting the mattress store.

If you’ve ever purchased a bean bag chair, it didn’t come with an age requirement. Bean bags are for people of all ages, and they can be just as appealing to an 80-year-old as they might be to an 8-year-old. A bean bag chair is a versatile and convenient seating option that you can easily move whenever you want. If you’re having a game night with your family and friends and you don’t have enough chairs around the coffee table in your living room, you can bring in a bean bag chair.

At Mancini’s Sleepworld, we can offer headboards, footboards, and mattresses in San Francisco. If you’re interested in finding out what we can do for you, you can always call us at (800) 647-5337 and ask us any questions you might have.

Does the Bedroom Temperature Really Matter?

Most people notice a difference when they walk into a hot room after being out in the cold, or vice versa. In order to stay soundly sleeping once you get in bed for the night, you need to stay comfortable. Keep reading and see if the bedroom temperature is something that really matters.

Your Quality of Sleep

It’s not easy to sleep when you’re uncomfortable, and when you wake up, you’ll likely notice the effects of a subpar slumber. Part of what contributes to your comfort is the temperature in your bedroom. Even if you have the most comfortable bed in the world, uncomfortably high or low temperatures can have an impact on your sleep. As a result, you may find yourself tired, sluggish, and irritable during the day, and you might even suffer from headaches and a reduced attention span. If you want to do away with these symptoms, you have to get better sleep.

Setting the Temperature

Everyone has their own favorite sleeping conditions, but the ideal sleeping body temperature is roughly 65ºF. That’s the temperature your body should be at if you want to get a good night’s sleep. If you like to sleep under a couple of blankets, you might want to make the room a little colder so the temperature evens out. Use a programmable thermostat, as it can adapt to your sleeping and waking schedules and adjust the temperature of your home accordingly. Some modern bedding will also help dissipate heat to keep you cool if you tend to be a hot sleeper.

The Impact of the Mattress

You can’t do much to change the temperature while you’re asleep, so you should let your bed do it for you. You can find a mattress with cooling fibers to get rid of hot spots in the bed, which can improve the quality of your sleep.

To stay as comfortable as possible and enjoy a good night’s sleep, you’ll need the right mattress in San Francisco. Feel free to call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337 or head to our website. We also deal with headboards, footboards, and couches.

Choosing Stylish Bedding

Your bed should be as comfortable as it is beautiful, so take your time when you choose your bedding. Stylish bedding makes your room more enjoyable by adding to its aesthetic qualities. Watch this video and learn how to choose stylish bedding.

First of all, you don’t want more than 5 pillows on your bed. Mix up the ones you do have to add personality to the room. Put a vibrantly colored throw over the frame of the headboard, and find a comforter that matches and place it over plain sheets. The better your bedding looks, the more stylish start you’ll have to your day.

Beds in San Francisco are what we do best at Mancini’s Sleepworld, so give us a call at (800) 647-5337. Whether you need a mattress or a sofa, we can help. Check out our website or stop by and see us to learn more.

Choosing Between a Loft and Bunk Bed for Your Child

Loft beds and bunk beds are similar and can both improve a kid’s room, but they are not quite the same. If you’re looking for a new bed for your child’s room, you and your child might consider both of these options. Find help in choosing between a loft and bunk bed for your child by reading on.


Bunk beds tend to be used in camping cabins where a bunch of people need to fit in the same room. If your only child has grown accustomed to sleeping higher up, you can still recreate that experience with just one bed. A loft bed is like a bunk bed, but there is no second bed underneath. Instead, there’s a space where your child can read, play board games, or do homework. Depending on the model you choose, you can even add a computer to a desk on the lower level. This can be ideal for only children or kids who have their own rooms.

Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is the same as a loft bed, except there’s another mattress on the lower level rather than an open space. This can clear up some room and help you and your kids crack down on clutter. Bunk beds make it so two beds take up the same amount of horizontal space as one, which is perfect for kids who share their rooms with their siblings.

Saving Space

Lofts and bunk beds will both come in handy if you’re trying to save space in your child’s room. Bunk beds can be especially useful if you have multiple children sharing the same room, as they make use of vertical space instead of horizontal space. That means you have more room on the floor for other furniture, and your children still have room to play.

Whatever kind of bed in San Francisco you need for your child, you can call the team at Mancini’s Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337. Preview our mattresses, couches, and kids’ furniture by visiting us or checking out our website today.

Get the Right Size Bed for Your Child or Teen

Kids grow up fast, and before you know it, you may be searching for a new and bigger bed for your child. If you’re getting ready to purchase a new mattress for a child or teen, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind when making your selection.

While a twin-size mattress may come to mind when you consider upgrading your child’s bed, some parents are choosing to go with a full-size mattress. This option provides more room for parents to read together with their child at bedtime. If you’re looking for a mattress for a teen, then know that a full-size bed works best for individuals who are 5’5” and shorter. If your teen exceeds this height or is still growing, then you may be better off choosing a twin XL or queen size mattress.

Mancini’s Sleepworld offers a huge selection of mattresses in San Francisco so that you can find the right one for your child or teen. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 647-5337.

Mattress Terminology 101

Finding the right mattress can be critical for keeping you comfortable throughout the night and promoting restful sleep. If you’re preparing to purchase a new mattress, then knowing some basic mattress vocabulary might make it easier for you to find the right one for you. Keep reading for an introduction to mattress terminology.


Innerspring mattresses are the most commonly purchased bedding variety. These mattresses use tempered steel coils to provide support, and the spring unit is covered with layers of upholstery to add insulation and comfort.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses, also called viscoelastic mattresses, are temperature-sensitive and made from a much denser material than a typical foam mattress. Memory foam is made up of tiny cells that allow the mattress to mold to any shape and then revert to its original form. Also, this material is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew.


The airbeds of today resemble standard mattresses in appearance and rely on an air-filled core for support, rather than springs.


Futons are flexible mattresses that can serve as beds at night and sofas in the daytime. The mattress, as well as the frame, must be designed to fold in the center. For this reason, futons are typically made of synthetic fibers, cotton, or foam, or a combination of these materials.


When a bed is described as adjustable, this means that the head and foot of the bed can be adjusted to provide the individual with a more comfortable position.


Also known as a box spring mattress, a foundation adds comfort to the bed and absorbs a lot of the wear that’s put on the mattress. When replacing your mattress, it’s recommended that you replace the foundation, as well.

Are you ready to find your new mattress? If so, then come and see us at Mancini’s Sleepworld, where we carry a wide selection of mattresses in San Francisco for you to choose from. Call (800) 647-5337 learn more.

Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture

Is your bedroom ready for an update? If so, then watch this video for tips on getting the most out of your space with the right bedroom furniture arrangement.

During this process, factor in the window and door placement, room dimensions, and size of your furniture. Because your bed is the largest piece of bedroom furniture, that’s where you should begin. Most people place the bed against either the wall opposite the door or the longest wall that has the fewest windows and doors. Next, if you plan to use your dresser as a nightstand, then consider positioning it across from the bed. Lastly, if room allows, add 1 or 2 bedside tables, a desk, and an ottoman at the foot of the bed.

Mancini’s Sleepworld offers a broad selection of quality bedroom furniture in San Francisco . Please call (800) 647-5337 for information about our products or locations.

Kluft Mattresses: For Those Unwilling to Compromise on Quality

With the wide range of brands to choose from, selecting a new mattress can feel overwhelming. However, if your goal is to find something that offers comfort and luxury, then a Kluft mattress may be what you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn a bit about Kluft and their products.

The Kluft Standard™

The Kluft Standard™ is the patented process by which the company measures the perfect night’s sleep. This model has helped Kluft reimagine the mattress industry with the use of chambers of air in between the spring unit and the mattress top. This structure helps the mattress mold to the sleeper’s body and promote quality sleep.

The Kluft Tradition

Kluft is dedicated to continually improving the luxury sleep experience. The company was founded by master craftsman Earl S. Kluft, who is responsible for creating a legacy of luxurious, signature creations that have been defining world-class comfort for the past 10 years. Kluft plans to continue to set the universal standard for elegance and style for generations to come. The company understands that perfection is not a destination, but a journey, and they push the boundaries of both technology and craftsmanship as they fuse together their passions for innovation and all-natural materials.

The Kluft Method

The level of artistry and precision that can be achieved by crafting a mattress by hand influences everything that Kluft creates, and the company is always evolving to meet changing standards. Also, when it comes to selecting materials for their mattresses, Kluft uses the highest criteria and searches for the finest fibers and fabrics to help ensure the best possible quality. Kluft establishes the standard for living in comfort, and their luxurious mattresses are designed for those who demand the best.

At Mancini’s Sleepworld, we carry a selection of Kluft mattresses in our San Francisco mattress store, so there is no need to compromise when it comes to the quality of your sleep surface. For details, please give us a call today at (800) 647-5337.

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